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Do you have many questions about Clinton's Air Conditioning & Furnace Service? Read some of our FAQs about our HVAC service below. Talk to our furnace and air conditioning experts at 530-740-3223 for all other questions that weren't addressed.

Q. How often should I change my air filter?

A. We get this question more often than any other. The answer is not always so simple. There are so many variables to consider.


How much do you run the heating or air system? What type of filters do you use? Do you live on a neighborhood street, or farm? All these things will determine how fast your filter gets dirty. Check it often and if it's discolored or visibly holding dirt, change it. Better to change them too often rather than not often enough. They're cheap insurance.


Q. My heating and air system isn't working. Should I put on a new thermostat?

A. This is usually the first thing the homeowner suspects when the system fails to operate. In reality, it's not that common for the thermostat to fail. It happens, but the problem is usually something else wrong with the system.


Be sure you're not wasting money at the local home improvement store on a new thermostat if you're going to have to call a service person out anyway.


Q. My outdoor AC unit is dirty. How should I clean it?

A. Simplest way is with a garden hose. Usually a simple rinse down is all that's needed. Turn off the power to the unit and use moderate water pressure to wash out all the coils. Be careful to not use a super high pressure nozzle or bent coil fins will be the result.  


If it hasn't been cleaned in a number of years, it may need to be disassembled to get it clean. Call a qualified service person from Clinton's to do that job.


Q. My AC unit is leaking water. What's going on?

A. During normal operation, an air conditioner will produce condensation due to the cold coil the indoor air passes over. It's similar to setting a glass of ice water out on a hot day and condensation forms on the outside of the glass. However, the air conditioner should be equipped with a drain system to direct the water outside somewhere.


If you see water in your closet, garage, or ceilings (all depending on where the AC evaporator coil is installed) the drains are clogged and it's time to call a service person.


Q. I have a brand XXXX heat and air system. Do you have the parts to fix it?

A. For the most common types of breakdowns, Clinton's keeps a large stock of parts on hand. While it's literally impossible to have every part for every brand of system, we're likely to have what you need.


Some parts, especially electronic circuit boards and some furnace controls, are usually very specific to the unit they're in and have to be ordered. Most ordered parts arrive in 1 to 3 days.


Q. Does Clinton's charge for just coming to my house?

A. Sort of. We have no "diagnosis fee". For repair calls, we charge by the hour and have a 1-hour minimum. However, that fee is for labor, not for just showing up or diagnosis. You get an hour of labor that includes repair time.


For instance, if your AC isn't working due to a faulty switch, your service fee would go to pay for the diagnosis and the time it takes to replace the part. Most simple repairs can be accomplished in an hour or less. Anything that that takes more time would be quoted before we do it.


Q. Will Clinton's sell me parts for my system so I can fix it myself?

A. Sorry, no. We're not a retail parts outlet and cannot warranty anything not installed by us.


Q. Can you fix my water heater, stove or washing machine?

A. Clinton's Air Conditioning focuses on residential heating and AC systems and does not do general appliance repair.


Q. How long is the warranty on repairs done by Clinton's?

A. In most cases, 1 year on parts, 30 days on labor. Of course, there are exceptions with some longer and some shorter.


Q. I can't be home during your normal business hours. Will Clinton's accommodate me?

A. We try to accommodate everyone. If you need special appointment hours, give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

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